protest during state GOP convention in St. Cloud

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Join us for a Rally to bring attention to the one percent’s legislative assault on working families and our civil rights. While the state GOP convention is in town, we want to bring attention to the government and corporate officials, in partnership with American Legislative Exchange Council, who are pushing an anti-worker, union-busting, anti-family, racist, sexist, pro-war, corporate welfare agenda. With Voter ID and the Gay Marriage ban on the ballot we want to highlight the myriad of damaging proposals, and bring together folks who are concerned about this corporate takeover of our democracy.

Participants are gathering at noon on Saturday, May 19th on the steps behind the courthouse in St. Cloud.
If you have questions you can contact Casey Hudek at 612-913-6743 or email

If you are interested in attending the final planning meeting, it will be Wednesday from 6-8. You can use the above contact information to find the location.

meeting this week to plan rally during state GOP convention in St. Cloud

This week’s meeting to continue to discuss plans for the rally during
the state GOP convention in St. Cloud will be at 6:00 PM on Thursday,
May 10, at the East Central Area Labor Council office, which
is at 4140 Thielman Lane, St. Cloud. This is the Stearns Bank
Building off of 2nd Street South (aka Highway 23) near Waite Park.
It’s behind Five Guys Burgers & Fries. The office is on the third
floor, Suite 306 – they share an office with Education Minnesota,
which is what it says on the building directory & suite door.

The permit was approved, so we can start working out the details,
getting endorsements, and promoting the heck out of this! Please
spread the word about the organizing meeting to anyone who might want
to get involved.

Remember to invite your friends on Facebook:

Standing together in St. Cloud

What: A meeting to plan a rally or protest during the state Republican convention, which is being held in St. Cloud May 18-19

When: 6:00 PM, Thursday, April 26

Where: Array Room, St. Cloud Public Library

Why: Endless attacks by members of the Minnesota GOP on workers, people of color, women, immigrants, LGBT people, poor people – that is, attacks on the 99%! – including pursuit and promotion of:
• military action against Iran
• a Voter Photo ID amendment
• a constitutional ban on gay marriage
• an anti-union “Right to Work” amendment
• an expanded Castle Doctrine bill (even worse than Florida’s racist “Stand-Your-Ground” law)
• a bill to require a three-fifths supermajority to approve tax increases (making it more difficult to raise taxes on the rich, promoting more cuts to social spending)

and on and on…

So join with fellow members of the St. Cloud and Central Minnesota community to protest these attacks, and send a message to the Republicans when they come to town – we’re standing together for our rights!

For more info, call 320-543-6335.
Please “join” the Facebook event and invite your friends & allies:

[Note: This is a non-partisan effort by local community activists, it is not sponsored by or affiliated with the Democratic Party.]

upcoming Occupy St. Cloud meetings

Thurs, April 12 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Thurs, April 19 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Thurs, April 26 – 6:00 PM
Array room
St. Cloud Public Library

Thurs, May 3 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Some Upcoming Events On Campuses (in these next few days!)

Global Goes Local 2012 Conference at SCSU
Wednesday, April 11th
11:00-12:00p.m. Panel, Atwood: Mississippi Room
Asian American Immigrant Workers and Families

Noon at Atwood Little Theater, SCSU
Women on Wednesday – April 11 – The Garden of Truth Report: Native women speak their truths
Nicole Matthews (Ojibwe from White Earth) and Guadalupe Lopez talk about the ongoing rape and abuse and other violence toward our Native American women

12:00-1:00p.m. CAPSTONE KEYNOTE, Atwood: Ballroom
Louis Mendoza: Chair, UMN Chicano Studies Department, Author
Conversations Across America: The Latinoization of America

7:00-9:00p.m. SPECIAL KEYNOTE EVENT, College of St. Ben’s Gorecki 204A
RUTH MILKMAN, Professor of Sociology, CUNY
Gender and Jobs in the Recession and Great Depression

Thursday, April 12th
7 p.m. SPECIAL KEYNOTE EVENT, Macalester College (St. Paul Campus)
DAVID BACON, Photojournalist, Author
The Political Economy of Criminalizing Immigrants

Hedy Epstein: Not in My Name
Wednesday, April 11th
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Ballroom, Atwood Memorial Center
*free and open to the public*

Holocaust survivor and renowned activist Hedy Epstein will give the Israeli Apartheid Week keynote presentation tonight. 87-year old Epstein has visited the Israeli Occupied West Bank five times since 2003 to witness the facts on the ground. She participated in several non-violent demonstrations, together with Israelis, Palestinians & other internationals, in opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land, the 25-foot high cement wall, and the demolition of Palestinian homes and olive orchards.

Presented by Students for a Free Palestine. Israeli Apartheid Week is co-sponsored by Social Responsibility Student Organization, Muslim Student Association, Bangladesh Students Association, M.E.Ch.A, Somali Students Association and Saudi Students Association.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Community Workshop on the N-word
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Apollo High School
1000 44 Ave. North
St. Cloud, MN 56303

There a Message in The Madness?

This institute looks at the history of the “N”-word utilizing books, TV shows, film clips, music and more. The session challenges participants to examine their personal and professional histories with the “N”-word, examine when and /or how they were first introduced to the word and to explore the pictures and different feelings associated with the word. We will look at how current events, media, popular music and movies have used the word over the years and if the word has had (still has) any impact or influence on the millennial generation. Lastly, the session offers suggestions about the need and importance of understanding the various realities associated with the N-word and recommends how to challenge and encourage all people, but specifically young people, about the ramifications of casual or uninformed usage of this powerful and troublesome word.

Some choice links!

Here are a few links, shared on our facebook wall or found elsewhere, that the OSC web staff would like to share:

The University Chronicle runs a story on OSC

OccupyMinneapolis attacked by police while attempting to re-occupy; there will be a meeting with Mayor Rybak on the 10th at 1 PM at the city hall. OccupyMinn is meeting nightly at Peavey Plaza at 6.

The Military-Industrial Complex On Steroids: A new executive order granting expanded power to wed military and industry in the service of ‘national security’:

Trayvon Martin’s death was covered by the media- but far too many young African American men are being killed without outcry at their deaths. End the killing!

An upcoming day of action for social justice, occupying the Justice Department to fight the prison-industrial complex and all the interconnected wrongs- racism, police brutality, political prisoners, etc- it entails.

Successes in Occupy Homes

The May Day general strike:

Adbusters talks Horizontalism

Finally, as of tonight, WALL STREET IS OCCUPIED:

Speaking Out for Education… Now and in the future!

A message from our friends in SRSO/SOC (Occupy St. Cloud co-sponsored a Speak out for education with them on March 1st) on organizing the next event: Wednesday, March 14 @ 3:30 – Fair Trade Cafe, Miller Center, SCSU campus.


After being pounded with snow, the sun came through and warmed our faces and spirits on Thursday.  We had a spectacular line-up of speakers, each with a striking message on how the current way of handling the budget is affecting faculty, staff, and students.  As we realized catching people hustling between classes would be difficult, we handed out fliers with information for them to ponder, planting a seed for them to start thinking about what is happening with their education rather than simply accepting that this is the way things have to be.

With another upcoming event in April, Mobilization for Higher Education April 16-20, we have more time to plan and raise people’s awareness prior to the next event.  We will hopefully get more organizations involved; we can table and hand out information well beforehand, possibly during the Immigrant Workers event the week before.  We will have time to incorporate live music to draw people in and have teachers commit their classes to attending (instead of relying on people passing through between classes).  More rally chants for participant engagement… a whirlwind of exciting possibilities for the next go-around!

We would love to encourage activist-minded individuals to be involved in the planning process for the next event!  We’ll have dedicate a portion of the next SRSO/SOC meeting to recapping the event and lining up the next steps.  Please come!  Wednesday, March 14 @ 3:30 – Fair Trade Cafe.

Again, here are some links with information about the national event for April:  And a snippet pasted from the web site:

  * * * Week of Action – April 16-20 * * * This will be a week of coordinated action and protest. On campuses and in communities across the USA, students, youth, faculty, staff, and community members will act together to force democratic changes in higher education funding, policy, and governance.  Tactics may include sit-ins, rallies, strikes, pickets, marches, banner hangs, study-ins, silent processions, grade-ins, office visits, dorm-storms, lock-downs . . . whatever non-violent tactics that local organizers believe will be most effective in their campuses and communities.

   * * * Teach-Ins & Tent States – Month of April * * *

Organizers will build momentum for the April mobilization by holding large-scale educational events in the weeks leading up to and including the Week of Action.  These events will take the form of indoor teach-ins, in which campus and community facilities become host to workshops, lectures, and debates on the future of higher education in America, or of Tent State Universities, in which tent cities spring up on campus malls, squares, and quads, showing the displacement of the public mission of higher education in America.

upcoming Occupy St. Cloud meetings


Thurs, March 29 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Thurs, April 5 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Thurs, April 12 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Thurs, April 19 – 6:00 PM
Mississippi Room, Atwood Memorial Center
St. Cloud State University

Thurs, April 26 – 6:00 PM
Array room
St. Cloud Public Library


Speak Out! for Education on March 1st

Are you a student, faculty or staff member worried about:
- Ballooning student debt?
- Increased tuition?
- Proposed cuts to MnSCU?
- Poor working conditions?
- Reduced class offerings?
- Swollen class sizes?
- Working more than studying?
- Taking too long to graduate?
- Threats to ethnic studies and affirmative action?
- Or anything you’d like to share…

Come speak your mind at the SCSU Atwood Commons with other
members of the St. Cloud community about how the long term disinvestment
in higher education and proposed cuts to MnSCU affect you!

Bring your music, your voice, and your passion!

Thursday, March 1
11:00am -1:00pm
St. Cloud State University, Atwood Mall

download the flyer: Speak Out on Education flyer

Sponsored by Students Organized for Change (SOC Club),
Social Responsibility Student Organization (SRSO), and Occupy St. Cloud